Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Misc. Passerby's

Some random pics of visitors to the camera sets.

Coyote in the rain.

Bear passerby.

Raccoons on the prowl.

Red Fox passing through.

And last but not least Dawson. He seems to like posing for the cameras :).


texwisgirl said...

I bet your dog LOVES it when you tromp out to the woods to check your cameras. :) What a great life to be one of our dogs... :)

And I had to squint really hard to find that coyote! My eyesight isn't what it used to be obviously!

Joe said...

texwisgirl - YES he loves it and our dogs really do have it made...lol. The red eye gave the coyote away when I looked at the pic.

Farmchick said...

I like that pic of Dawson! We see a fox every now and again around our property.

Nancy@el vigilante said...

I'm with texwisgirl -- that coyote was hard to spot. Seems like Dawson knows where the camera is located. Nice photo! :)

Joe said...

Farmchick - Yes Dawson is quite the photo hound :). We have a good population here to. I love watching them hunt from my treestands.

Joe said...

Nancy - Welcome and thanks for joining the blog. I can count on Dawson the strike a pose at most of the cameras sets :).

Anonymous said...

I really like how the camera caught the rain drops. Very cool!

As always Joe, nice shots!

heyBJK said...

Cool shot of the rain...had to look for the coyote! haha! I think your dog is trying to land a modeling job!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in and say that I enjoyed the pictures from your field camera. Looks like you have quite a variety in that area.

Trey said...

Great shots Joe! I hope to post some of my own soon.

Joe said...

Kari - Thanks. I think the rain shots are neat.

heyBJK - Thanks. Dawson is quite the photo hound. I wish he would get a modeling job is we can buy somemore cameras...lol.

Mel - Thanks for stopping in. We do have a great variety of wildlife in my area. About the only thing I haven't got on camera is a Bobcat. I'm going to work on that this winter.

Trey - Thanks. Looking forward to seeing them.

Lana said...

This is a very cool site! Sorry I haven't' been here for a visit sooner. Life is starting to settle down a bit.
I know hunters haves these cameras around here for deer. I have to say, though, we are not too fond of Coyotes around these parts. They are thick and nasty when they run in packs! We had a group make us sit straight up in bed last night and go down to check on our dog. Her name is Sadie and she looks a lot like Dawson, only with shorter hair.
I'm following you now (but you probably won't catch me on your camera) ;-)

OH! Do you like to read? Barbara Kingsolver has a great book about your area and coyotes are part of the plot line. The title is Prodigal Summer http://www.kingsolver.com/books/
You might like it.

Lana said...

Well Dang! Your site wont let me follow right now, but I will be back!

Joe said...

Lana – Thank you and thanks for dropping by. You’re right the coyotes can be nasty. My cameras are set on my friend’s dairy and beef cattle farm and he’s starting to worry about his calves. He hasn’t lost any yet but you never know.
Yes, I read a lot. My wife works part time at the local library. I’ll check out the book. It sounds interesting.