Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Camera Pics

Pleased with the early pics I've got from the Browning camera I got. Daytime pics look great . Don't get a good test of the nighttime pics due to all of the grass stems in front of the camera. They reflect a lot of the light back.

The cow seem OK with it.

Little of everything in these. Buck, does, and fawns.

More cattle. I have the camera setup to take two pics 5 second apart
once it's triggered.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

More Fawns and A Couple of Bucks

Got a lot more fawns last week. Also received my new Browning Strike Force trailcam last week and got it out today. After much nail biting I decided to go with the Browning. We'll cross our fingers and see how it goes.

Little hard to see these two because of how well that blend into the back ground. I haven't gotten many good pictures from this set so I'm probably going to move it next week.

Nice fawn in this set of pictures.

I think these are two different bucks. They've got some decent headgear for this time of year.