Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Snow

We got a little snow last week that hung around for a couple of days. That aways seems to bring out the wildlife. This group of does and a button buck are checking out an apple favored mineral block I set out. The button buck is the one in the fifth picture looking at the camera. The apple favored blocks seem to be the favorite in my area. I've tried several different ones but the apple gets to most attention.

I set a camera along a small creek that runs through the farm Sunday. Hopefully next week I'll have some muskrat or what I'd really like to get a picture of...a mink. Hope everyone is having a great week. I'm still pretty much covered up with my project at work and got two more added to it. So I'm in for a busy Spring and Summer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Got some nice pics of does last week. Most of the does in my area group up in groups of anywhere from four to ten or more does this time of year. The first group is from the mountain pond set and the last four from the new set next to the sanctuary woodlot. Oh, did I mention the raccoons have also found my new set?? As you can see the deer don't seem to be too pleased with that.

A couple of you ask about seeing the bindery line I'm working in the last post. I'd love to but that is a big company no, no. The company I work for is notorious for keeping our trade secrets secret.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scamper Rats

You know it was a slow camera trapping week when I'm posting TexWisGirl's favorite critter.....scamper rats as she likes to call them. Not much action again last week. We had a wild temperature swing with highs in the upper 20's on Tuesday and then low 60's by Friday. But as always hope springs eternal as I hope for better luck this week. Some of my fellow trappers say they're experiencing the same winter slowdown as far as getting pics.

I'll apologize now for not being a good follower the next four or five weeks. I began replacing an old binding line at work last week with a "newer" used line. Unfortunately this involves getting a half dozen different pieces of used equipment to take the pages of a book, put them together, and come out the end of the line in boxes on a skid ready to load on a truck. Getting all of the equipment to play well together is something like trying to herd cats through a dog kennel. So I'm going to have my hands full over the next month or so.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 Pointer Came Back

The 8 pointer I got on camera a week earlier came back last week also. At least I think it's the same buck. I first thought the tines on this buck was a little shorter than the buck the week before. But after studying them I'm pretty sure it's the same buck. He seemed more interested in the camera last week.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mix and Match

Got a nice variety of game last week. I moved two of my cameras to new locations. One location I think is going to be great. It's on the edge of a ten acre woodlot that we use as a sanctuary during the hunting season. By sanctuary I mean no one hunts in this woodlot. It's in the center of the farm and the does like to use it to bed in. This is great because that has the bucks moving through other woodlots to get to this one to check on the does. The other camera location is on a steep rocky ridge. I'm hoping to get some bobcat and fox pics there.

Packing all of my gear back in my backpack after setting my camera.
I liked this shot of the little doe.
This young six pointer knows something isn't quite right.

I think this is the same fox. I liked the color it has especially the black leg stockings in the last pic.

Got these two nice bucks at daylight one day on the power line. This camera's IR pics always seen a little grainy.

And of course a raccoon. It must have been lost since there wasn't five more with it :). This was on the steep ridge I mentioned earlier.