Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bear and Possum

I went out late Friday evening to check the cameras due to the weather forecast for the weekend and I'm glad I did. Showers and thundershowers yesterday. Rain and snow mix today. I'm ready for Spring and 70 degree days. The heavy wet snow we got must have covered the sensors on the cameras because I didn't get pics from right after the snow started until  a couple of days later when it must have melted.
The first pic is a fairly good size bear. Looks like it's coat is in really good shape for this time of the year. The pic was taken just as it started to snow the night we got the 18" storm.
This possum is busy trying to find something to eat in the snow.

Not sure what this deer was doing other than trying to fight the camera.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well the weather people finally got one right. They were calling for 18" and we got 18". Biggest snow we've had in a while.

I'm not real pleased when I have to get Red out and Milo the cat isn't much on snow either.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Does, Skunk, and Ghost Deer

Checked the cameras yesterday evening. It's be a cold, windy weekend with even a little snow yesterday morning. This is always a slow time of the year for trail cam pics.

 These pics are from a new site I'm trying. The deer always seem interested in the cameras the first couple of days they're out and come in for closeups.




These are from a old favorite site I call the Mountain Stand. Unusual to get a skunk up there. The last two are from Saturday morning when we get the light snow.




I thought this was a neat shot. It's either a ghost deer or the camera playing tricks.