Sunday, December 22, 2013

This and That

     I haven’t had much time for my cameras or blogging the last couple of weeks. Raining today so I didn’t get a chance to check them. Here’s a few odds and ends from a couple of weeks ago. These are after a small snow storm we had.

This one is a little camera shy.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If You're Mad Said You're Mad

     I'm mad! We had a power outage last Thursday evening and it killed my PC. I've troubleshot it down to the motherboard being bad. O.K. time for a new PC. Not going to chance buying a new motherboard and having something else fail next month. The new PC started up great with Windows 8. I have all of my files backed up so that's not a big deal. So let's download all of the software back onto the new PC. What the hell??? Two year old software is not compatible with Windows 8??? O.K. some is a little older than that but really. So I start checking on what I need to do to get things compatible. Guess what! Everyone wants me to spend more money with them to "upgrade" the software I already bought from them. @^%#$@#!!! Office now wants me to pay an annual fee to get Office 2013 apps. What happened to supporting your loyal customers?? I know I'm getting old but I am an Electrical Engineer and I deal with rapidly changing technology every day. I just don't think I should have to pay some company more money because they're too cheap to make patches FOR FREE to keep their software that is less than 5 years old compatible with the next version of Windows. I've got hardware and software I designed 10 years ago that I can still make work with the latest software. O.K. my rant is over. The weather has been too bad to check my cameras so no pics either. I guess pics are still compatible with something ;). But who knows. Hell, I'm still mad :)!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Year in The Books

     Saddest day of the year we say at the cabin...the Sunday after the main hunting season goes out. November seems to me to be the shortest month of the year. We start our gun deer hunting the 1st Saturday in November for four weeks. Today we ended the season with the end of the season butchering day. During the last week of the season does are legal to take and we full up the freezers. This year we took six does the last week and spent most of Sunday butchering. We only got one really nice buck this year but I had already guessed that was going to be the case from the lack of big bucks I got on camera this summer. We have three more weeks of the muzzleloader season the end of December. Hope to get a couple of more days in then.
     I don't have time to check my cameras today. I'm hoping to check them tomorrow. I did get a great deal on a new Covert MP6 on Black Friday. No, I don't wait in line. Come home for a bit and got it online. Hope to get it by the end of the week.

Couple of Sundays ago get together.

They said I had too much red on the tree :).

Cooper decked out in his blaze orange.

GW with the biggest buck we got this year.


Couple of nice hams.

Cat and I grinding deer burger.