Monday, November 25, 2013

Final Week Hunt

     We’re into the final week of the rifle season in western VA. We really haven’t seen any of the bigger bucks since the first week of the muzzleloader season in early November. That’s generally the way it is. The bigger bucks become even more nocturnal than normal after they have been heavily hunted for a few days. About the only way we’ll see one now is if he messes up following a doe that is in heat. Then you could see one anywhere and at anytime. From the lack of big bucks I got on camera this summer I suspected we wouldn’t see many. I read an article a few years ago that has stuck in my mind ever since. The author of the article noted the even where there was a lot of big bucks there wasn’t many.
     Linda asked in a previous post when the black bears hibernate in VA. Generally they’re in their dens in January and February but I’ve seen bear in every month of the year. Following are two links to some more VA bear information that I find interesting. Bear Facts and About Bears.
     We have been really dry here since August and the mountain pond has been getting a lot of activity lately. Mostly does and small bucks with a couple of bear cubs mixed in. We’re supposed to be getting a big storm tomorrow and Wednesday that should bring us heavy rain/snow.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Filling The Freezer

     Well, I got the "high and tight" buck last Thursday morning with my muzzleloader. He was pretty much what I thought he would be from the pictures I had gotten the week or so before. He had a three point rack on the right side that was about a foot tall and the left side was a foot long spike with a small brow point. He was a big deer and dressed out at 160 lbs. So he made a dent in filling the freezer.
     We switched over to our rifles last Saturday and the rifle season lasts until the end of the month. We've not seen many shooter bucks since the first week. I did get a pic of a nice buck at the mountain pond last week.
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We're getting dry and the pond is seeing a lot of activity.

Always carry half a dozen Bits-O-Honey in my hand warmer.

This is the stand I killed the high and tight buck from.

It's hard to see through the trees but this stand looks out over the valley.

I love watching the sunrise slowly creep across the valley in the mornings.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arctic Adventure

No. I’m not going on an Arctic adventure. My southern blood would freeze solid the first day :). However, one of my favorite bloggers is trying to win a four day Arctic adventure. Susanne over at Fjallripans Blog is in a contest to win the adventure. Please take a second and use your Face Book or Twitter account to vote for her at I’d love to see her win and blog about the trip. Thanks.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gone Huntin'

     Been gone all last week hunting. Our muzzleloader deer season started on 11/2. Saw two shooter bucks last week but couldn't get a shot at either one. One is a really nice buck with a high white rack and looks the be an 8 or 10 pointer. One buddy I hunt with has seen him twice and like me couldn't get a shot either time. We figure he has to be using up his 9 lives.
     We are also having a lot of extracurricular activity around the farm this November. The 230kV transmission power line that runs through the middle of the farm is being replaced and we have heavy equipment running all day long. We also have a new house being built on an adjunct farm that was sold a couple of years ago and divided into 1 to 20 acres lots. So we have a lot of sawing and hammering going on with that. Funny thing is the deer don't seem to pay much attention to either. I was hunting a stand about 150 yards from the house and the deer still used their normal travel routes. Even with the noise being irritating to me the deer were unfazed.
     I've got three days off next week so I'll have to make a token appearance at work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My boss stopped by my office the week before I left and said it might be easier to just let him know when I was going to be at work the next two months instead of when I'm off  :).
     I did get a few of the bigger bucks on camera the last couple of weeks. Plus a bear visiting the mountain pond.

This is the veiw I had most mornings last week.

I think this is the high white horn buck we've been seeing.

Still getting a few bear pics.