Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pepe Le Pew

Or a few of his relatives. I don't get a chance today to check my cameras. It rained most of the morning and drizzled this afternoon. I went to the WNIT basketball game between JMU and UVA this afternoon anyway. It was a great game with JMU advancing to the semi finals on Wednesday. If you've never went to a women's basketball game with two well coached teams and good players you're really missing out. The brand of basketball played is as good as any you'll see. We've had season tickets for both the JMU men and women's games for years and I actually enjoy the women's games more than the men. Of course the men aren't very good...I want to keep this a G rated blog so you'll notice I used "aren't very good" and I'll leave it at that ;). O.K. back on topic. Even though we have quite a few skunks in my area I really don't get a lot of pictures of them. I'm guessing these two are a pair.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snow Squall Does

Since it was 80 here today I felt like posting some shots of does feeding during a brief snow storm we had last week. This little storm really got the deer feeding. I got these pics at the Mt. Pond of this group of does and another set out on the farm at the same time of other group.
It was a beautiful day Sunday checking my cameras so I decide to take the time and move a few cameras to different locations. One of those moved was along the creek where I had hoped to get a mink but I was really disappointed in how little activity I got there. Needless to say no minks were to be had.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Antlers Still Hanging On

Still had one buck that had his antlers last side anyway. I posted pics of the young eight pointer from Feb. 13th, 17th, and 27th. By the 27th he had lost one antler and I'm sure by now he has lost both since they generally drop off in a short period if not at the same time. I need to take a look over the field and power line and see if I can find them.

Also got a nice coyote last week. This is the first coyote I've gotten a picture of in about six months. This is the breeding season so I suspect they are on the prowl more than normal.