Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Fawn

Didn't get a whole lot the first week of having my cameras back out and it looks like I jinxed myself. I was bragging on how good the old Moultrie camera was and it looks like it died on me :(. So now I'm down to two cameras. I did get a few pictures of a big fawn. When I first saw it I was thinking about how big it looked and when it's mommy stepped in front of the camera. She's a pretty big doe.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Power Line

OK!! I got my cameras back out this afternoon. Hopefully we'll have new trail cam pics next weekend. The power line that run through the farm we hunt on was upgraded this winter. Luckily they didn't get to our section until after hunting season.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Back In Action

     I’m back :)!! I had planned on taking a short break last summer and it stretched into a year. TexWisGirl sent an email the other day checking on me and I told her she must be a little psychic. I’d pulled my cameras last December. I told my wife last weekend I needed to get them back out and get the blog going again. So, I don’t have many new trail cam pics but here’s a few from last hunting season. Hopefully I’ll get my cameras out this weekend and get some new pics.

Cooper checking things out from the cabin. Cooper belongs to one of the guys that hunts above us on the mountain.

The fog had settled into the valley the I came out form my stand.

You can just barely see the top of the silos above the fog.