Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gone Huntin'

     Been gone all last week hunting. Our muzzleloader deer season started on 11/2. Saw two shooter bucks last week but couldn't get a shot at either one. One is a really nice buck with a high white rack and looks the be an 8 or 10 pointer. One buddy I hunt with has seen him twice and like me couldn't get a shot either time. We figure he has to be using up his 9 lives.
     We are also having a lot of extracurricular activity around the farm this November. The 230kV transmission power line that runs through the middle of the farm is being replaced and we have heavy equipment running all day long. We also have a new house being built on an adjunct farm that was sold a couple of years ago and divided into 1 to 20 acres lots. So we have a lot of sawing and hammering going on with that. Funny thing is the deer don't seem to pay much attention to either. I was hunting a stand about 150 yards from the house and the deer still used their normal travel routes. Even with the noise being irritating to me the deer were unfazed.
     I've got three days off next week so I'll have to make a token appearance at work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My boss stopped by my office the week before I left and said it might be easier to just let him know when I was going to be at work the next two months instead of when I'm off  :).
     I did get a few of the bigger bucks on camera the last couple of weeks. Plus a bear visiting the mountain pond.

This is the veiw I had most mornings last week.

I think this is the high white horn buck we've been seeing.

Still getting a few bear pics.


TexWisGirl said...

i like the entrance from the left shot. :) good luck with the work days you have to show up for. :)

Chris Basnight said...

Hey there and God Bless. My name is Chris Basnight. I live in chesapeake Va. I will be at massanutten for thanksgiving this year. I will have my gear to hunt some while there. Is it possible to speak with you to get a feel for the lay of the land, Or go hunting together. I have never seen the property out side of the photos above.

Fjällripan said...

Good luck with the hunting!

(I wonder if you also hunt bears over there?)

Have a nice day!

Nancy Claeys said...

Best of luck Joe!

KB Bear said...

I'm still getting a few bear photos here too!

Michaele said...

Tis the season. My dad lived for his week of elk hunting on Wyoming. My son I law shot a young deer just for me this year.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Good luck! Great Pictures. Look forward to your report from your hunting

Linda said...

When are the bears going into hibernation?