Monday, November 25, 2013

Final Week Hunt

     We’re into the final week of the rifle season in western VA. We really haven’t seen any of the bigger bucks since the first week of the muzzleloader season in early November. That’s generally the way it is. The bigger bucks become even more nocturnal than normal after they have been heavily hunted for a few days. About the only way we’ll see one now is if he messes up following a doe that is in heat. Then you could see one anywhere and at anytime. From the lack of big bucks I got on camera this summer I suspected we wouldn’t see many. I read an article a few years ago that has stuck in my mind ever since. The author of the article noted the even where there was a lot of big bucks there wasn’t many.
     Linda asked in a previous post when the black bears hibernate in VA. Generally they’re in their dens in January and February but I’ve seen bear in every month of the year. Following are two links to some more VA bear information that I find interesting. Bear Facts and About Bears.
     We have been really dry here since August and the mountain pond has been getting a lot of activity lately. Mostly does and small bucks with a couple of bear cubs mixed in. We’re supposed to be getting a big storm tomorrow and Wednesday that should bring us heavy rain/snow.


TexWisGirl said...

the little bucks are still cool to see (for me) as are the bears. :)

Trailblazer said...

I see the same nocturnal behavior 'round here in white-tails that are well-acclimated to the activities of people.

Guess they don't get to be big bucks by being stupid ;)

Good luck with the rest of rifle season!

Leah said...

Enjoy the pics :) Thanks for stopping on over (and we are right with you on the temperature) - it seems as we get older our thoughts are different about the cold - it can just stay away!

Michaele said...

Sounds like you need to imitate a doe in heat (?). My son-in-law finally gave up on a big buck and got his mother-in-law the requested young deer for her freezer. : )