Friday, July 5, 2013

Back Pack Gadgets

I’m always interested in what other folks carry in their packs so I thought I would do a post on what I carry. I did the pics one Sunday on the cabin porch while I was out checking my cameras and I had to wait for a thunderstorm to pass. Most of the time I carry the pack setting out or checking my trail cameras but I also use it for hiking. Love to hear about any unusual things you carry and what you use them for.

Below are a few pics of the pack and some of the gadgets I carry. The last pic is numbered with a description on each gadget below it.

Pack - Drago Tracker – My old pack was worn out so I replaced it last winter with this one. This is a great pack that has lots of room at a good price.

1. Ontario Knife Company Spec Plus Machete #SP8-94 - I wanted something that would replace both my long machete and hatchet. This has worked out great. It has a nice handle, 10” blade, and is very heavy.

2. Metrix LED Flash Light – At one dollar these are really good flashlights.

3. Streamlight ProTac 1L Flash Light – Yes, I carry two flashlights. I had a light fail on me many years ago and leave me in the dark about ½ mile from the cabin. After that I’ve always carried two lights. For its small size this light has a very strong beam and can be set to strobe.

4. Corona Pruning Saw – Great for trimming larger branches and small trees.

5. Diamalloy Fence Pliers – This is the antique in my pack. I don’t think Diamalloy is even still in business. Now you may wonder why carry fence pliers. But let me tell you this is a tough, heavy duty tool. You can hammer, cut wire, dug, pry, grip, etc. etc. etc. I really need to paint these orange so I don’t lose them in the leaves when I lay them down.

6. Bushell 10X42 Trophy Binoculars – Nice little compact binoculars.

7. Ontario Knife Company Spec Plus USN-1 Clip Point with Line Cutter 5" Blade – I always like carrying a fixed blade knife. This was a little dull when I got it but a little time in the wet stone and its razor sharp.

8. Leatherman Rebar Multitool – This tool will cover most anything the fence pliers won’t.

9. Doan Magnesium Fire Starter – I carry a lighter in my pack but this is fun to play with when you need to start a fire.

10. Cabela's Alaskan Guide XR Headlamp – O.K I have three lights. What can I say? I’m a little paranoid :). Actually my daughter got me this for Christmas one year. It works great when you need both hands free.

11. Orange Marking Tape – I carry a roll of this to mark anything I want to found easily later on. I’m getting old and can’t remember things like I use to . I mark dead trees we can cut for firewood, locations I want to try as a new camera location, or miscellaneous other things.

12. Coleman Lensatic Compass – This is not the compass I would recommend if I was going someplace that my life could depend on it but this is good for what I use it for. I generally use it to position my cameras. The cameras work best if they are facing to the North. This prevents problems with the sun washing out the pics.

13. Fiskar Pruners – Great for small branch trimming and pruning.

I also carry a small first aid kit in one of the small side pouches and a canteen pouch attaches for when I’m hiking or doing more than just checking my cameras.


TexWisGirl said...

i'd have to pack YOU and all your gear along with me. how's that?! :)

Trailblazer said...

I usually carry a bucket full of stuff when checking cams, rather than a backpack.....mostly because I also carry jars of urine and lures and if they were to leak in a backpack....things would get ugly! :)

I do have that exact ontario knife co. machete and pruning saw!

I also have a leatherman..although a slightly different one than yours. I accidentally snapped the leatherpunch off of it one day (trying to use it to pry something open). Because of that, I've since bought a similar multi-tool by Kobalt. Much cheaper than the leatherman, but I actually like it a tad better (spring-loaded needlenose inside, which is very handy).

Nice post!

knapperbill said...

I love gear posts! Looks like a great kit and thanks for posting it. I've got a Spec plus bowie that I love. Those blades are tough!

I have a first aide kit and small survival kit that goes with me everywhere. Everything else is added to the task at hand.


Carole M. said...

you're certainly well packed up Joe! I especially enjoyed the reasoning behind your #12 item

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Impressive gear Joe! Thanks for sharing your tools of the trade. :)

Fjällripan said...

Interesting post :) You seem to be well prepared for the wildlife. I usually have matches for making fire but I sure would learn to use the fire steel.

Have a nice day!

My Unfinished Life said...

my thats serious stuff..but i guess required a for serious hiker!!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great post and very informative....interesting