Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fish and Wood Ducks

I was somewhat surprised when I got these nighttime pics of fish. I think the fish are either Crappie or Bluegill. I wouldn’t have thought that the fish’s body temperature would be high enough to trigger the camera but it must have been. There are no ripples in the water to indicate that something passed by on the surface and the camera was right on the edge of the water so nothing could have passed in front without disturbing the water. It was so close in fact that I almost lost the camera. We got a day and night of heavy rain and by the time I got to the set the water level was at the bottom of the camera. I had set this trap trying to get some pics of the Wood Ducks that past through each spring and stop at the cabin pond for a few days. The Wood Ducks arrived on schedule but they must have been camera shy. Didn’t have a lot of luck but I did get one nice Wood Duck pic along with some Mallards and Canada Geese.

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