Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bucks from the Week of 8/22

Got a couple of more shots of some nice bucks. Unfortunately we started harvesting the corn on the farm I have my cameras on and that means that many of the bucks I get pics of will be poached by spotlighters before hunting season even opens.


Jim Fisher said...


I’m really glad I can across my blog. I find it quite interesting seeing your game trail photos. Sorry to hear about the poaching. Not a huge problem around here, but I’m sure it’s going on.

Joe said...

Thanks Jim. Poaching is a big problem in my area. We only have two Conservation Officers for a large three county area and they get run ragged in the fall. The problem is that there is a county road that runs along the base of the Massanutten Mountain from Harrisonburg to New Market which is about 25 miles long. The whole stretch is lined with farms. The deer come out into the crop fields at night and the poachers have easy pickings. We really don't stand much of a chance of many bucks living long enough to grow any really big antlers. The buck in the last pics is pretty big for my area.

kmurray said...

Wow, that sucks about the poaching! Those are sure some beauty bucks and it just stinks that they can't be taken honestly. Gosh that makes me GGGRRRRR, as I'm sure it does you as well.

Rick Kratzke said...

Those are some nice trail cam pics. I like the one on the top with the to bucks in it. Before you know it they will be splitting up and going their seperate ways.

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Joe said...

THANKS for your feedback. When I started this I wasn't sure if anyone else would enjoy the pics.

You're right Rick. Won't be long until they can't stand each other. LOL.

Kari, We've kind of got numb to it. We can't stay up 24/7 because we actually have to work for a living!!! I have a 10 acre corn field in front of my house and have been woke up by people stopping and shooting right in front of the house!! My buddy and his family that actually own and operate the dairy farm have got license plate numbers and turned them into the Conservation Officers who in turn have made some arrests. The officers also have staked out and set up decoys on the farm. My buddy gets up at 2 A.M. every morning to start milking and has some hilarious stories about some of the things he's seen at the time of night.